Poem: "The Words I Love You" Poetry Penned by Poet Patrick D. Read Excerpt: "The words I love you Are so easy to say Is there truth in your actions Or is it a game you play Is it in your heart and soul Or is something when you talk to another That you let go Tell the truth don’t you dare lie For love is a drug whose effects you cannot deny ..." ~~~For full length poem please select photo.

Poem: "Captive Conversation" Poetry Penned by Poet Jermaine Johnson Excerpt: "Let me hold you tightly if only for one night Sucking on your perfection dining on your essence Drinking your nectar Sending my Definitive fire To your center past your upper thighs and directly to your soul..." ~~~For full length poem please select photo.

Poem: "The Vanishing Glory" Poetry Penned by Poet Vishwas Vaidya Excerpt: "Are you hidden, In the blushing lips of The half dreaming, Half smiling flowers… As the source of Their fragrant murmur, Which melts my mornings Into a sudden wonder Of drizzling joy Or are you dancing.. As a smiling ripple..." ~~~For full length poem please select photo.