POEM: "Waterfalls" Written by Poet Anthony Arnold Excerpt: "I stand under the cleansing waterfall Letting the pain of the past fall away My soul becoming whole Once again I feel life return to me My spirit uplifted The voices of the ancestors Fill me with joy The water runs red with the blood of those gone before..."

POEM: "Pay Me No Mind" Poetry Penned by Poet Shawn Stare Excerpt: "Itz about to get HOT In Here!!! Better grab some water I’m a spokeman for da unspoken Abused! RestLess! Depressed! Deprived! Homeless! Aunts Uncles Sisters Brothers Mothers Sons Fathers Daugthers Even da cold cases swept under rugs from being slaughtered n torchered..."

POEM: "Beyond All Words" Poetry Penned by Poet Vishwas Vaidya Excerpt: "Your eyes are Streaming with A musical silence Throbbing with Lingering questions Sans any word, Yet quite potent Beyond all words! My fingers whisper Music of their touch Along the waves of your hair..."

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