Featured Author Herbert-Dion Cosley

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Featured Poem Penned By Sheila 'Poetic Thickness' Moseley

"At The Mercy of Love"~~~ "Incomplete Outside she smiles While inside the battles continue Outcast within her family Never fitting in Always shunned In a crowd Feeling alone Unnoticed"~~~ Press Link To Read More...

Featured Author Elena OM

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Featured Poem by Chris ' CEF Madde Boy' Ferguson

"Move Me In Ways"~~~ "Ways you wouldn't imagine,she moves my soul, ..my faith,with love,was shaken in the past..but never like this before, ..I never regretted my past's transgressions, .."they" made me much wiser with love in thru each & every lesson..."~~~ Plz Press Link To Read More...

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I am

Descended from the kings of Mesopotamia Carrying the blood of slaves and Native Americans The product of 3 strong queens Marked by the history of black America   I


DPW floetry by MaNGOD Hiring Opportunities: We lay pipe and keep the juices flowin' Both daylight and night work, We keep the jizz lines goin' If You qualify,

Front Door…

Front Door   Every day I listen for the tune Of your footsteps at the front door Knowing that you are tired From a hard day at work Knowing that


I write these words because I think that your way to stars has begun. I hope you have a sunny way, one of those that illuminate your

Love To Love You…

Love to Love You!!! Written by Elle M.   I love to love you baby… Your love is the high that’s quite amazing Feverish within my skin with you

I Am Guilty!

I Am Guilty… Devastation warps the turning of events Conspiracy shall be my self-defense As I face a jury of my peers Or should I plead temporary insanity For

I Get That!

I Get That!!! Written by Elle McLin   No one is perfect… I get that, with reflective thoughts Of my very own faults. I truly see the error of my


CANDY SWEET floetry by MaNGOD I've this choklit covered treat between My sheets All caramello, soft as a marshmallow and palatable, got My dessert utensil (tongue) and


NZINGHA MBANDE floetry by MaNGOD Muchino a Muhatu (queen) of the Ndongo and Matamba kingdoms, of The Mbundu People, so named because of kujinga and as


[embed]https://soundcloud.com/lrzhpr/n-e-w-s-t-a-r-t-i-n-g[/embed] Da game of life ain't a bed of roses Being an adult severely overrated Try not to walk away from love, but I'm kinda Jaded Through all


INFUSED floetry by MaNGOD Uh, where YOU at cause I've been waiting for This, like N'dambi sangs I'm Giving You Soul From The Abyss We gwan filter


THE GREAT APE floetry by MaNGOD Hominoid Supremus, He who was born of Eden's dust with dominion over all, 1st of HiS kind Named every fauna, flora,


RETURN ENGAGEMENT floetry by MaNGOD ShE'd dropped HeR package and as We bent to recover, ShE'd dropped HeR guard We spent that winter in communication talking of


MASQUERADE floetry by MaNGOD The whole world is a masquerade Everybody wears another face Earth, Wind & Fire danced around in My head as I began to realize

Tomorrow’s Song

Tomorrow’s Song As twilight begins The birds frolic in the air One last time They take flight And dance across the sky Singing the melody it will soon be night They

Graveyard Friends

  Graveyard Friends The little girl, with springy curls, tiptoes around the headstones. She whispers to the children, not caring they are bones. Ring around the rosy, all fall down


I'm an ocean covered by the wave of my emotions Eye part the sea like Moses to open up & let you see what's underneath The


WORSHIP WITHIN floetry by MaNGOD Was or is there a religion that worshipped THEM THAT CAME BEFORE GOD? I want Cosmic Awareness, I want to know

Hands of the Clock

Hands of the Clock Written by Elle McLin The hands of the clock will not be still It remains ticking within the seconds Those brief moments evolves into