PRESS PHOTOS FOR LINK... POEM: "Destruction Of The Mind" PENNED BY: DaPoetress EXCERPT:"you have caused your own pain so wondering why it wont rain please tell me what have you gain yoo the things in my mind are insane you have caused your own destruction when given you simple instruction "

POEM: "I Know Why The Sky Rolls" Penned by:Author Alicia C. Cooper Excerpt: "I know why the sky rolls on the edge of New Orleans The blue billows like the waves of Pontchartrain Angry waves, fervent ones, rise like dead from turquoise graves Collapsing clouds with the force of hurricanes Eve’s approaching, rush, rush rush Must make arrival ‘fore night comes The ceiling’s sloe; no stars, no moon Shadows chase the remains of the sun"

POEM: "I'm Not Worthy of Your Heaven" Penned by:April Crenshaw Excerpt: "I’m not worthy of your heaven As a broken vessel I come before you I come as I am Torn and bruised Above and beneath The layers of my skin My garments are ripped For this world has torn me to bits With all the hate and corruptions"