To Let Go…


To Let Go…   Sometimes I won’t smile Because my heart needs to breathe… It yearns to grieve and to let go, At times it feels so raw, And I become pent-up, Bottling every indirect, Scrutinizing offense And I become dense to the nonsense…   Tell me, when will your transgressions, Be of whose fault … Continue reading



কালো তাজমহল Black Taj Mahal floetry by MaNGOD On the southern bank of the Yamuna River in the city of Agra stands a testament to love built by the Mughai emporer Shan Jahan Carved of pure white marble sits this third world marvel, the resting place of he and Mumtaz Mahal, his favorite woman I’d … Continue reading

BLACK ROSE (A thornless sting)


BLACK ROSE (A thornless sting) floetry by MaNGOD While I can’t say I’ve heard GOD speak directly to Me, here lately I’ve been wondering… “Why time after time what I thought was Mine was another denied blessing and unanswered prayer Let’s see now.. Faithful…check Attentive…check Family oriented, loves kids…check Passionate…check Supportive…check Spiritual…check, check, check Then … Continue reading