Poem: "When Life Interrupts Love" Poetry Penned by Poetess Sheila Moseley Excerpt: "The arguments have been increasing Home used to be filled with happiness Lately it is the last place she desires to be Especially if he is there He seems to be distant A conversation with him Consists of one word responses With him eventually leaving the room She remembers their dates..." ~~~For full length poem please select photo.

Poem: "I Won Myself" Poetry Penned by Poet Kolade Freedom Excerpt: "Dust kissed the sole of my feet as I trod upon the ground valiantly A herculean task was set before me I peered into my heart and courage was visible I peeked at a mirror and I saw a fidgeting image Whose image was it? I battled in a bottle Filled with mixture of fear and courage I had to sieve..." ~~~For full length poem please select photo.

Poem: "Bad Habits" Poetry Penned by Poet Jermaine Johnson Excerpt: "Can I be your bad habit? the one that you will never break be your every desire, that you search for me with a flash light in pure day light Tell me I’m your miracle intertwined with you and laced deep in your soul , your wet dream that you can’t stand to let end. Tell me all your secrets while I tell you mine you take..." ~~~For full length poem please select photo.

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