Poem: "Once Upon a Poem" Poetry Penned by Poet Christopher Allen Breidinger via Creative Talents Unleashed Excerpt: "The crack of the whip jerked me wide awake. I must have dozed off while pondering my fate. Stinging and welted, my hand grabbed the pen, Dipped it in the well and began writing again… If we can’t love ourselves, How could we ever love We?..." ~~~For full length poem please select photo.

Poem: "Political Plan" Poetry Penned by Poetess K. Renee Excerpt: "The politicians are on a mission to take over the world. Are we the people going to let this crusade unfurl? Don’t just sit there on your hands. Get up! Do something! Make a stand. They present themselves as hope for a better tomorrow. When all the while they anticipate self-inflicted devour..." ~~~For full length poem please select photo.

Poem: "Today..." Poetry Penned by Poet Marcus Euguene Webb Excerpt: "Moved to continue, striving for perfection, diggin in to get momentum, seekin strength to proceed, weights of life seem to hold you down, but the power of the LORD, prevail to push you through your hardest times, your heart..." ~~~For full length poem please select photo.

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