PRESS PHOTO FOR LINK... POEM: "No More Muddy Waters" PENNED BY: Author Poetess Debbie M. Allen Excerpt: I cried… Cried so hard tears filled my belly Making it hard to survive the currents That had me aching… Doubled over in the suffering… I thought was love… The black and blue of knuckled gloves… Killing me not so softly But executing my softness in the shove of Insecurities

POEM: MANTRA POETESS: Poet Mark A Bialik Excerpt: Go ahead, Dear Child, and take the time to tinker for lighting strikes despite, not in light of, your most ardent wishes. You might as well enjoy it, for your grandest ambitions are naught to this chaotic cosmos. And while you stand fraught in frustration,

POEM: For Tonight POETESS: Alicia C. Cooper Excerpt: Tonight let’s forget that they exist And instead remember us two Let’s reminisce about when times were good Before he took me away from you Regret is eating me alive I can’t believe what I did to you I cant stand to see her in my place Receiving the love that I used to