PRESS PHOTOS FOR LINK... POEM: "Who Knows" PENNED BY: Author Patrick Daniel Read EXCERPT:"So, life is a little stressfull today, maybe tomorrow, it’ll go away.. maybe tomorow, things will work out.. dont let your soul, become clouded with doubt.. Maybe the dawn of tomorrow, will bring, the miracle you have been waiting on, that will make you dance and sing.. Dont’ give up, Don’t give in.. let your belief in tomorrow win.. Cause tomorrow, will soon be a thing of the past, and maybe, these troubles, these worries , won’t last.."

POEM: "Clarity" Penned by: Author Hamza Matar Excerpt: "imagine falling don’t imagine a start point and end point don’t imagine consequences of your fall now imagine falling just floating in a vacuum no air because oxygen isn’t needed here no illumination no darkness either all you see is light lines bounded by your own body and transparent dress made of silk you can stretch you can shrink in size now close your eyes remove any fear because you’re one with infinity no start no end you’re just falling keep calm you don’t need air because you’re yourself a vacuum too a vacuum within another made of light"

POEM: "*THIS*" Penned by: Author Kimathi El Shabazz Excerpt: "You always Tempting me, and Tampering with my Touch, Tugging on my Tongue and Talking like you Taste, Tenderoni on Tantalizing Thighs, Peppered and Seasoned, Turn you over on your Tummy and poke a Tickle, Through your Throat and bite Through This Talk, you got me Tanqueray Tipsy and Tripping over my Today, Tonight and Tomorrow, I Tear The Truth out of secrets and Tell Tall Tales that bottom out of the Top,..."