ellemclin.com | (A Shared Format 4 Poets)

Poem: Stitched and ripped Written by Poet V-Ink EXCERPT: Deception poured from a container labeled love burning away her god given worth / apologies apply broken bandaids which still manage to work Consistency tells her yes this is how love works so she shook hands with routine and pretended to be grateful when it hurts

Poem: She Buried Three Written by Author-Poetess Alicia C. Cooper EXCERPT: She worried with each passing minute that my muscles were wasting away that my heart was not beating at its fullest strength that, like the others, I would not stay On nights when Papa lay in a ‘cross town ditch entertained by moonshine dreams Mother lay in the still on her cold, dirt bed Anticipating life signs from me

Poem: "Yes" Written by Author-Poet Justice Clarke Excerpt: For there in the valley of our seduction we shall dance in the puddles of our perspiration until the soaking waters of our union slashes hot upon the arc of the rainbow leaving us bathing in the kaleidoscope of passion’s rivers as we explore the shivers levied in the journey we partake on the path of a sequestered love.