Featured Author Ahmed Butler

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Featured Poem Penned By Andre Thomas

"Love Trapped Me"~~~ "Hold me, love me, tell the truth while lookin in my eyes; what I new was nothing for it was always you in a disguise; when, oh when, I’ve told you I love you ,no matter what time sun up- sun down; or the dew is fresh on the ground;"~~~ Press Link To Read More...

Featured Author Felix Davis

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Featured Poem by Shawn Stare aka RaShine Mckoy

"Ghetto Visions"~~~ "Da Stems On Da Leaves Are Worn Out Many Deaths Happen So Da Liquor Continues To Poor Out No Grass Grows Here n Seldom Do Kids Get To Play Gunshots Spray! Violence Is Often Da Norm What Was Once A Close Knit Community But All Dat Is Gone Children Are Now Smarter Single Parent Homes Wit No Fathers,..."~~~ Plz Press Link To Read More...

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A writer's mind is a dreamland. Their writings are awakened dreams. Awakened Dreams Publishing helps in bringing those dreams to life. MISSION: When a dream begins to lose its breath, and


I long to hear the words I love you in its proper context The fleeting moments of the hustle and bustle of life Love has become a fleeting saying that is

My Alter

its nice to see me in one light cuz you think i wont put up a fight yeah umm huh i guess you might of got that right lol i guess you

I will wait

I will lay here and continue to worship him if its in the church or in my very own home i will wait for the lord to deliver me out of my own transgression i will

Loss of Innocence

as i walk through the forest i meet up with a woman who claims that she can help me with my problems i wondered to myself how can she help me solve the

The Mission

  the mission is to love yourself do right by GOD be 100 percent honest to yourself in all things handle your business so you can move to the next task the mission is to make


ALL I HAVE IS LOVE floetry by MaNGOD If I gave You all I had, Baby would it be enough? What if all I had was love...would it make You smile,


Unravel Tonight I want you unravel your body and master all your curves and edges let me explore you with new meaning. ... Teach me all the finer points of you

Sweetest Surrender

Sweetest Surrender   After we met I fell into the sweetest surrender, Uncoiled from old heartbreak blues I was no longer searching for love, Lost in the temporary order of now... And then you noticed

Grace! a poem by Elle McLin

Grace!   He bestows upon me his grace, No matter how impure and sinful I am He loves me still, Forgives me, While giving undying mercy and love, Even within my wretched state He says that I


  My patience is wearing thin Plotting thinking hard to avoid sin Emotions raging as if drunk off that gin Tired of sacrificing internally from deep within Desperately seeking insight to live again Falling so

The Devil’s Kiss

The Devil’s Kiss Nightmares bared in the haunt of daylight Taunt me to seize the spirit of my fright Life scares the hell out of me… A trilogy of Love…Hate tossing mistakes to Fate No


LUCILLE GIBSON floetry by MaNGOD My condolences and deepest sympathies Lucille I know you'll miss HiS touch, He loved you so much and you were a match made in heaven, He had

Bright Eyes, Dark Hope

Bright Eyes, Dark Hope...   I’ve ran scared all my life, Looking back to see what’s after me... It was only my shadows that were nearby Although I always felt soft feathering   They were always

A Poem For Mama

Mama... the creator in every way you're a life savior You steered me from wrong Into something much greater Mama... the love flowing within me Harbor no ill will towards my enemies Forgive... and dont


DEPROGRAMMER floetry by MaNGOD Nigga Me this, Nigga Me that, when're You going to stop being Niggas and start being Black? I don't give a fuq how You spell it, it still

Innocence Lost

[caption id=attachment_14952 align=alignleft width=325] Image by © 2/Christina Angorola/Ocean/Corbis[/caption]                                     Innocence Lost Life was not gentle for the little girl, surviving in a treacherous world. Predators, pretending to be confidants; her innocence devoured by

Let Me Be Your Soul Food baby

  Let me be your soul food baby Nourishing all your wants and needs Mind, body, and soul Allow me to quench your thirst with some fresh squeezed lemonade Along with this home cooked

Rose Colored Glasses

  I see through rose colored glasses More like rose colored ashes My eyes have been trained To see no strife or pain Childlike eyes... Keeps the heart from coming to a demise But roses do

Rain of You & Me

Rain of you and me, little pieces of me and you falling from a starry sky, like little shooting stars seeding pasion and life. Two trembling bodies with one heart. Dim, intense rain of us. Where the night unfurls its magical wings, and