Poem: "Sunrise" Poetry Penned by Poet Anthony Arnold Excerpt: "Somewhere a child awakes Hungry,abandoned. Hoping to survive A man stares at his sleeping wife Wondering how he got so lucky Laying next to his soul mate With a gun in his hand A junkie watches the sunrise With a needle in her hand Trying get a fix..." Press photo to read more!

Poem: "A hard goodbye" Poetry Penned by Poet Lluis Carrera Miralles Excerpt: "A meteorite fell on my heart when your voice said goodbye forever. An iron hammer crushed my soul I realized in the last you don’t longer love me...." ***For full length Poem Please Press Link

Poem: "Divine Union" Poetry Penned by Poet Jermaine Johnson Excerpt: "Let me take a trip traveling deeply within you Let me dive into your mind while exploring your soul Let down your guard as I run my fingers through your hair..." Press photo to read more!