Poem: "Sail With Me" Poetry Penned by Poetess Bola Funmi Excerpt: "The moon in her regalia Rules the sky alone in cloudy thrones Dazzling, it sails across the high grey dome One wonders where its sail will set The arctic cold or the temperate west? I wonder where our love will set Dazzling, simple but feeble-still Let’s climb this boat and sail the storms Trust will shield the angry rocks..." Press photo to read more!

Poem: "Broken Pieces" Poetry Penned by Poetess Aliscia Melton Excerpt: "I have been shattered Slammed into the hard, cold pavement of Life and Love Broken into a million tiny pieces Unable to love or accept love again So it seems……. Can I be mended? Put back together?? Will there always be missing shards of my heart? Will I be just a portion of who I once was?..." ***For full length Poem Please Press Link

Poem: "Caste" Poetry Penned by Poet Lluis Carrera Miralles Excerpt: "Surviving the disaster, tired of suicidal roads that lead us to the past, of genocidal bunglers that leave everything destroyed. Social involutions converting fundamental rights into privileges for three, creating special powers to whom invest. Interests of a few smothering most people, damn pigs...." Press photo to read more!