POEM: "Pen Touched" Plz Click Photo for Poem! Written by Author Poet King Judah Excerpt: The ink became acquainted with the wounds kissed the scars that is mending but are healing as my pen touched your thoughts my hand begins to write about true love The fairy tale of a sudden reality clicked as my Pocohantus became a novel to read

POEM: "Katana" Poetry penned by Author Poetess Raja's Insight Excerpt: In one single swooping action Everything cuts way to the NOW A captured moment of freedom Inevitable death Performed daily in trance Is the substance to the way of the samurai 10,000 arrows will not rip me apart Nor will rifles, Spears or swords May I be carried away by surging waves Thrown into the midst of a raging fire

POEM: "Dreamin'" Written by Poetess Morganne Ray Excerpt: A dream within a dream Where nothing is as it seems Comfusion is really subliminal subconscious comprehension The recesses of my cerebral cortex is the epicenter of my metaphsychological affliction Conflicted in my cerebellum Cataclysmic catastrophy causes circumloquitous catatonic cacophony. Systemic

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