Poem: "I Heard You" Poetry Penned by Poet Eblaq Mol Excerpt: "breaking down doors expelling walls as silence is disturbed by yelps screams that break the tranquility of the night another mother has lost a child another child has become an orphan we no longer hear of good Samaritans as the monster return as legions of demons return..." Press photo to read more!

Poem: "Word Designs" Poem Penned by Poet Christopher Allen Breidinger Excerpt: "In the deepest recess of my mind, I have certainly spent some time. I found a book but it wasn’t mine. Yet I have taken to tracing lines. Could you believe it, you would find The truth will never pantomime. I write the light of my divine,..." Press photo to read more!

Poem: "Like Fallen Leaves" Poetry Penned by Poetess Debbie M. Allen Excerpt: "The swing of the trees Is destiny Time lapse in every leaf that falls Sweeping across The road and Ran over by cars Not realizing life Has lost its binding powers Road treads on Beaten and bruised veins..." Press photo to read more!