Poem: "Free" Poetry Penned by Poetess Morganne Ray Excerpt: "Sometimes my mind and heart fight My heart wants freedom, so it tries to take flight But my mind needs stability, so it lays low Tired of getting hurt, so I move slow Permanently juxtapositional..." ~~~For full length poem please select photo.

Poem: "God's Gang" Poetry Penned by Poet Jermaine Sadler Excerpt: "Poetry at its best…… Poetry at its best…… Bloods….crip…folkz…all have their talk of slang Rappers rap look at the violence they bring Red blue white tees represent hoods and things What about the gospel songs the elderly sang The angels the prophets..." ~~~For full length poem please select photo.

Poem: "A coldness invades me..." Poetry Penned by Poet Lluis Carrera Miralles Excerpt: "A coldness invades me every time you don’t look at me, mornings with regrets and indifference on weekends. Keeping a farce, a mirage of happiness, a showcase of fake smiles, a house falling. I’m alone with you, I have more company with a mobile phone than with you..." ~~~For full length poem please select photo.

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