POEM: "Something On Da Side" Written by Poet Shawn Stare Excerpt: "Michael n Sandra Once had a union like Michelle n Obama Before da arguments came, da fussin’ n da drama Had a couple kids in da mix, later on Marriage had followed this Poor financially, but still they found happiness In each other More than lovers, first became best friends Thought they were soul mates to da very end..."

POEM: "A Dream Abode" Poetry Penned by Poet Vishwas Vaidya Excerpt: "Under the musical shadows Of quietly humming stars, Dreaming in the arms Of a young night, Let us weave together A love-nest Decking its windows, With lanterns of our past, Illuminating our memories,..."

POEM: "Blessings" Poetry Penned by Poetess Tammy Thomas Excerpt: "Nothing can keep me from getting a blessing of your grace My faith is the key to your gateway of heaven There is something about your love that draws me to you I pray for that day we unite as one… Until then I will continue to love you from within..."

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