Poem: "Mother Earth's Echo" Poetry Penned by Poetess Raja Williams Excerpt: "Can you hear me . . . Can you hear the whisper of a gentle breeze The roar of the winds The crashing of the surf onto the beach The arrival of seawater upon your feet The gurgle of the rivers water tumbling over rocks The pitter-patter of rain dropping from the sky Thunder crashing, animal calls . . . Can you hear at all?..." ~~~For full length poem please select photo.

Poem: "Soul of Music" Poetry Penned by Poet Vishwas Vaidya Excerpt: "Like a flute Eager to lapse into Lips of her maestro, And to be born again as The soul of his music, My words long to lapse Into the depth of your eyes Coming alive again as The music of your breath!..." ~~~For full length poem please select photo.

Poem: "Like the Sun" Poetry penned by Poetess Alicia C. Cooper Excerpt: "He tells me that I’m like the sun The way I light him up and warm him Bring him to life and help him grow Yet he keeps me at a careful distance Certain that should I venture too close I will set him ablaze; Burning and consuming him ‘Til he is only a bitter pile of ashes..." ~~~For full length poem please select photo.

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