It’s more than words that rhyme

Line after line

But the ink that flows

From the soul

Of its creator

Not the mental masturbator

That ejaculates the color of roses and violets

As intro to garbage

That reeks for stanzas

Dripping from a pen that has no

Purpose and whose ink is no deeper than the Bic in their hand

The ink that doesn’t understand

How it should bleed

And crave more

Not some word whore

That wouldn’t know how to tickle the cerebellum if it tried

Whose reader’s eyes

Can’t see any further than their page

Because the words they’ve laid

Is void of metaphoric description

And who’s heart lack the encryption

Needed to scribe

Please realize

That rhymes


From anywhere other than

The heart of the pen

Are just rhymes and nothing

That could have ever dreamt to have been


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About bjharris2001

I love writing period whether it be poetry, short stories, novels, etc. I am inspired by people, conversations, music, life experiences, situations witnessed . . . pretty much anything that tells me a story. I have emotional ties to my work not because I can relate to all of the experiences expressed, but because of the emotions I hear from those who can. I couldn't stop writing if I tried.
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5 Responses to Poetry

  1. RajasInsightRajasInsight says:

    I could hear your voice and the conviction of the truth you spoke while I was reading it! Thank you Tanya Harris! Well Done.

  2. bjharris2001Tanya Harris says:

    Thanks Sis! I’m glad you could feel my piece!

  3. Poetess Elle McLinElle says:

    Wow!!!! I was taken away from this write… Truth.com

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